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GIVE TO THE MAX Day is November 16th!

by Dawn Hegland on November 2nd, 2011

Together, we have the power to raise millions of dollars for thousands of nonprofits! On November 16, every donation you make gives your favorite organization the chance to win even more money. Hundreds of nonprofits will offer the opportunity to double your dollars throughout the 24 hours. is a collaborative venture to transform philanthropy in Minnesota by growing overall giving and moving more of it online. GiveMN is an independent 501(c) (3) supporting organization of the Minnesota Community Foundation.

The Need

  • Individual philanthropic giving in Minnesota is a $4 billion market. For every 1 percent of Minnesota individual charitable giving moved online, the nonprofit sector will save more than $5 million in fundraising expenses.
  • Although we’re proud that GiveMN has raised more than $33 million for nonprofits in its first two years of operations, this represents less than one percent of annual individual giving.
  • In this economy, many nonprofit organizations are struggling to keep pace financially and operationally with technology and digital fundraising trends. As a leader in online fundraising, GiveMN is building capacity within the nonprofit sector by providing digital tools and guidance to thousands of nonprofits across the state.

Benefits to Nonprofits

  • Get in front of more supporters. GiveMN’s search function helps nonprofits of all sizes reach thousands of new potential donors.
  • Reduce fundraising costs. Raising $1 online costs 7 cents, as opposed to 20 cents for grant writing or up to $1.25 to acquire new donors through direct mail.
  • Increase giving. Fun and compelling campaigns engage new givers and inspire current givers to donate even more.

Benefits to Donors

  • Find, learn about and contribute to local and national programs. Donors can support the causes in which they believe.
  • Fundraise for their favorite causes and organizations. Donors can easily create fundraiser pages on GiveMN.
  • Become more organized. GiveMN provides the ability to track online contributions and store receipts.
  • Make online donations quickly and easily. Donors can donate to any U.S.-registered 501 (c) (3) by credit or debit card.

Give to the Max Day

Launched in November 2009, Give to the Max Day is an annual day for Minnesotans to come together on to raise as much money as possible for nonprofits in 24 hours. As a result of the extensive outreach and coverage, the 2009 Give to the Max Day became the most successful place-based online fundraising drive in history, raising more than $14 million for Minnesota charities in 24-hours – and smashing the previous record of $3.8 million raised in Dallas. More than 3,400 Minnesota nonprofits benefited from contributions made by more than 38,000 donors.

In 2010, the bar was raised with more than 42,000 individual donors participating in Give to the Max Day. In addition, more than $10 million was raised for Minnesota charities.

In 2011, GiveMN will offer several incentives to encourage nonprofit and donor participation in Give to the Max Day on November 16. Visit the GiveMN website for more on these incentives, FAQs, and much more. Visit this page to search for specific causes to give to, or to search by community.

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