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Webinar April 4: Will broadband funding from the State help your community?

by Jackie S on April 2nd, 2014

Providers, communities and policymakers have been saying that funding is essential to reach the state broadband goal by 2015. The goal is ubiquitous access at speeds of at least 10-20 Mbps downstream and 5-10 up. Most broadband champions – in communities and industry alike -are glad to see a proposal at the legislature that proposes funding for broadband deployment. BUT have you looked at the details? Depending on the definitions agreed to in the proposed legislation’s final language, some areas of Minnesota will be better positioned to take advantage of funding than others. Will your community benefit? Or are there changes you’d like to suggest to your elected representatives before the bill passes?

Also there are some differences between the House and Senate versions of the bills. The biggest difference? The Senate is still talking about $100 million; the House has reduced that to $25 million.

To  help us all better understand the “devil in the details” of this proposed funding for broadband deployment, Blandin Foundation is hosting a webinar-based conversation with legislature-watchers who are well positioned to answer your questions and to represent the perspectives of the constituencies they represent.  Our goal with this webinar is to help you recognize whether your community could benefit based on the will be well served. The webinar comes just before legislators will make any final decisions, we encourage you to attend and learn more. (In preparation, the Blandin on Broadband blog combs through legislation:

Time: 1:30 on Friday (April 4)

Participants include:

  • Bernadine Joselyn, Blandin Foundation, Moderator
  • Senator Matt Schmit
  • Dan Dorman, Greater Minnesota Partnership
  • Laura Ziegler, League of Minnesota Cities
  • Industry representative – to be confirmed

Register here:


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