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Meander Art Crawl

In 2004, a handful of visionary local artists and business people hatched the first Meander Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl with the assistance and support from the UMVRDC. In the following years, Meander artists and the UMVRDC have worked together to continue staging a successful, growing, high-quality arts event where the artists organize themselves, create and distribute the posters and brochures, and maintain their structure while the UMVRDC focuses on business sponsorships, general implementation and widespread publicity for the event.

The Meander is committed to being an artist-run event. The UMVRDC provides technical assistance and fiscal administration to the Meander and enables the event to give high quality customer service to those looking for information about the event. There is a steering committee made up of Meander artists who guide the Meander each year.

For more information about Meander, please call Kristi Fernholz at 320-289-1981 ext 106 or visit the Meander website at:

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