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The UMVRDC has a planning assistance contract with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to provide assistance, information and technical support for transportation issues affecting our region.

The UMVRDC has a Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) that meets to address various transportation issues. In addition, the UMVRDC participates in two Area Transportation Partnerships to prioritize projects for federal transportation funding.

Area Transportation Partnerships (ATP)

The UMVRDC is part of two Area Transportation Partnerships (ATP), the West Central ATP and the Southwest ATP. The ATP is a committee of elected officials, city and county engineers, MnDOT staff, tribal leaders, public transit leaders that represent the areas contiguous with MnDOT District boundaries. Their role is to develop policy and program projects utilizing federal transportation funding from the Federal Highway Administration ( FHWA).

The UMVRDC and UMVRDC Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) appoints members to both ATPs. RDC Staff serve as technical advisors to the ATP, sub-committee members and ATP alternate members for the elected officials appointed. Current representatives are:

2019 Draft ATIP Presentation
Southwest MN ATP

Gary Johnson – Yellow Medicine County Commissioner

Jim Dahlvang – Chippewa County Commissioner

Andy Sanders – Yellow Medicine County Engineer

West Central MN ATP

Rusty Dimberg – Big Stone County Township Association

Transportation Special Projects

The UMVRDC occasionally is involved with special projects at the local or statewide level. Some projects are developed and coordinated by the RDC due to a local request or contract. Other projects may include the RDC in various capacities – collecting local data or infrastructure mapping, serving on project committees representing our area, making special presentations or being the fiscal agent.

At this time these are the special projects we are involved with:
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding.

  • The presentation from the October 28, 2013 TAP Workshop presentation is available here.
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding process – click here to see how to apply for funds. 
  • 2013 UMVRDC Regional Trails Plan (July 2013) – click here
  • Minnesota Statewide Roadway Functional Classification Study
  • Minnesota Statewide 10-ton route study
  • Local Freight Generator Study
  • 2011 Human Service Transit Coordination Plan:
    • To view the final Human Service Transit Coordination Plan with Addendum (July 2012) – click here
    • To view the notes, presentation, and DRAFT Recommended Strategies from the June 8, 2011 meeting, click on the links below:
      • 2011 Transit Coordination Plan DRAFT Recommended Strategies – click here
      • June 8, 2011 Public Meeting Presentation – click here
      • June 8, 2011 Public Meeting Minutes – click here
      • 2006 Transit Coordination Plan Recommended Strategies – click here

County 5 Year Plans:
Big Stone County
Lac qui Parle County
Yellow Medicine County
Chippewa County
Swift County