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Swift County Zoning Update

by Dawn Hegland on November 4th, 2010

Swift County has contracted with the UMVRDC to update their current Zoning Ordinance and streamline all additional county ordinances into a Code of Ordinances document that will be made available to the general public via the Swift County website. 

This project included ensuring current county ordinances reflected model ordinances provided by state agencies including Floodplain Management and Shoreland Maintenance and Protection, and merging five separate land use regulation ordinances into the now comprehensive Zoning and Land Regulation Code.

Further, Swift County was in need of an updated Zoning Map to complement the new Zoning Code. Swift County received a Hedgehog Grant from the UMVRDC to subsidize the cost of creating the map, and UMVRDC staff is in the process of creating the map utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Zoning Map will also be available to the general public on the Swift County website when it is completed.

This project is an overall extension of Swift County’s Comprehensive Plan, which was created in collaboration with the UMVRDC in 2007. As one document was updated it became necessary to update complementary documents as well.

Click here for more information on UMVRDC’s zoning work, or contact Katie Meyer at 320-289-1981.

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